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hiatus! was had


wow, february! it was almost half a year ago. awhile. my last vacation before the spring semester of school started! my LAST semester of school, yahoo! and what a doozy it was. i was pretty exhausted by the end (all along, but you know, senioritis makes it so much harder in the final throes of it all).

luckily, graduation cash!! made it possible for me to take an incredibly beautiful and relaxing trip to todos santos, mexico when i finished the semester. i got to spend a week at the beach, vegging out, reading, exploring, watching sunsets, swinging in a hammock, lounging at a pool (also home to frogs lounging, so cute), feasting, and warming up in the sun after way too much time inside. it was incredibly wonderful and restorative and exactly what i needed.



wavy by killah.poopface
wavy, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

also bringing me great joy in san diego last month: sunny, warm, beautiful beach times. i took this photo at the very beautiful Windansea beach in La Jolla, a beach I had never been to before but spent looooots of time there this trip.

I can’t believe it was less than a month ago that I was there – it feels like a different lifetime. Well, it was – that was winter break; this is now full throttle last semester of grad school. plus busy busy work.

and some very different weather! it was very confusingly wonderful to be in a bikini on the beach in January in San Diego. I knew it would be less foggy and maybe a little nicer than San Francisco, but by no stretch of the imagination did I think I would be able to wear a bathing suit on the beach! Well, I must have imagined it, since I brought the bikini with me.

Actually, I thought I’d just be wearing it under a wetsuit for the kayaking sea caves tour I’d booked. Ahha! It’s allll coming back to me. Anyway, it was amazing and wonderful to feel that sun warming me up and watching the waves do their uber repetitive, super soothing thing. While reading a book! Actual novel with hundreds of pages and the time to sink into it!

In fact I read several novels, since there also was no TV where I was staying (which was wonderful). I didn’t bring a laptop or go to the movies so it was such a quiet weekend, one where I got to hear a lot of good sounds that I miss now.

And watch surfers, and hang out on a boat chasing whales (sorry whales, hope we did not disturb you tooooo much) and kayak and smell flowers and stuff giant burritos into my face and do yoga in the sun outside and drink tea and think and breathe and do nothing and be!

now i do.


not forever.

and the best part is that whenever i go back, the waves will be there to greet me! just doing their thing. you know.

sing it

sing it by killah.poopface
sing it, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

I AM SO HAPPY MORE THAN I CAN SAY to have finally made it to Gospel Brunch at Lips in San Diego.

This has been about 10 years in the wanting, maybe more.

10 years ago, my goals were mostly merely wishes. I had a long, wishful (wistful) list of things I wanted to do, and lacked the wherewithal to do many (most) of them. Now, all my dreams are coming true!!!!

Basically, I used to visit friends all the time in San Diego who, while great and wonderful people, were not/are not explorers nor adventurers, so to speak. It was hard to make things happen. There was a lot of lounging at the beach, drinking, feasting, and I think we did make it to see some sea lions at the La Jolla cove once.

Never did we make it to Lips.
I passed by it, time after time, in its old location, wishing and hoping and never going. and now i have been! the time was right and the magic happened.

it was a hell of a show. I’m not going to give a full review, but I will say that the performers were extremely talented – funny, sexy, exuberant, flexible, glamorous, and so hard-working! they put on an engaging, hilarious, surprising, awesome, very long show. you get your money’s worth, to be sure. the food is not bad. the drinks…i did not have! but they seemed to work to the desired effect on those around me. bottomless bloody marys and mimosas were constantly being filled by the performers, and it was definitely a treat to have extra interaction when they made the rounds.

the table next to us was filled with women dressed as the characters in Gilligan’s Island, which was amazing. everything about it was festive to the max. it was loud, and totally overwhelming, and all i could do after was lay in Balboa Park and smile at the clouds and palms and let it all sink in.

and plan when to go back!

birthdays are celebrated on stage, so maybe then, though i am not sure it will be safe to reveal my real age – apparently there is an upper limit.

no limit to the hilarity! damn, i laughed so hard. and clapped and sang and threw dollars and watched a man who had been performing as a pregnant nun, magically transform into a pregnant Cher and really super wow us with “Turn Back Time.”

simply amazing.


freedom by killah.poopface
freedom, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

I went to Pacifica the other day to watch the sun set. The weather has been gloriously sunny, clear, dry, and PERFECT (read: no crazy wind either) in the Bay Area lately; I’ve been so frustrated not to be able to take advantage of it for good hiking and exploring because of some intense and mysterious foot pain. OW.

boring. and so limiting! but probably also good because between work and school and errands and fun and everything else, i don’t spend a lot of quality time on my couch anymore. it has been go go GO for the 2 years I’ve been working full time, commuting, and going to grad school. so when it’s not GO, i get confused.

what do i do with this mysterious free time? sure, the kitchen floor needs a big scrub, but that’s no fun. especially not when it is this nice outside!!!!! anyway in an effort to rest my foot, i mostly plopped myself on the couch to alternately ice and soak my dang foot and watch The Good Wife, which i never saw until a few weeks ago. and then could not stop watching.

I did take some breaks to go to the moooooovies! since i rarely have time during the semester. on this day, I went to see American Hustle. but i really, REALLY could not return to the couch without first spending some time out in the beautiful sun. Pacifica Pier to the rescue! Easy parking and I could hobble on over to those lovely benches, eat a burger, and then recline to watch the birds circle and the sun do its magical, lovely thing.

Ahhhhh outdoor rest. The best!


setting by killah.poopface
setting, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

love it so.
last week i had off of work THE WHOLE WEEK. it was amazing.
with work and school and commute and normal life stuff, sleeeeeeeep gets lost. daylight savings switching really messes me up too. anyway! i was grateful to have this time off. thanks to a budget shortfall, this meant staycation. my first! for i love exploring new places. luckily, the Bay Area is full of new places to explore a short distance from home.
and this sunset helped me realize that I don’t even need to go somewhere new to have a new experience. I can walk a short distance up Bernal Hill and be transported to a magical beautiful vacation wonderland, one where I get to bask in the sun’s glow and then watch it disappear. That light – all of it – is totally new to me.

And having time to watch it and enjoy (with my neighbors! how nice!) instead of writing a paper, folding the laundry, or attending to one of the other indoor, mundane tasks that so often suck up a Sunday is a pretty great luxury indeed.

So I am newly appreciative of staycation (which also meant sleeping in my bed! No more missing that glory or lumpy pillows or adjusting to new temperature issues etc. etc.). SO MUCH SLEEP. and sun and feasting and hiking and reading and yogaing and laughing with friends and a visit to SCRAP finally and a clean bathtub and library visits and movies and exploring and fun!

branching out

branching out by killah.poopface
branching out, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

Lest I seem totally anti-suburb, I feel like I should sing the praises of the suburbs’ main assets: their parks! More space = more room for lovely, tree/flower/plant filled, quiet beauty. There are some amazing trees to sit under and look up at and ponder the lifespan of, which is a very wonderful way to have a break from work and be restored in a way that is not nearly as easy in a city. Sure, there are parks in San Francisco’s Financial District, and some amazing trees (redwoods in the Transamerica Building park come to mind) – but quiet? Not so much.

City parks are crucial! I am happy to find a park wherever it exists. But they are totally different than their suburban counterparts. I’ve noticed they are generally pretty crammed with people, many of whom are doing all sorts of city things – talking about work, cell phone talking and gaming and working, etc. Not everyone. Like everything in the city, there is great diversity of park activities. City energy pervades city parks, and a work break in the park is great but not at all restorative in the same way. And generally, it is hard to bring a blanket or a yoga mat and lie down and look up in the city parks.

But easy in the suburbs. Suburban parks are good for the wandering, resting, breathing, eating, stretching, contemplating, photographing, and taking in the good smells (well, except at Bayfront Park, where the smells are best ignored to the extent possible).

So! with the exception of the ever-tantalizing Flood Park, which costs $6 to use so no one does, I thank you for your wide open, accessible, quiet, beautiful, restorative parks, Menlo Park, CA. They make lunch breaks great!


flying by killah.poopface
flying, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

Wow, it has been nearly two months since i posted something here – that time flew! i think i say that every day. borrrring. but also true! anyway, working backwards, what has happened, wow. i work in the city one day a week now! San Francisco, I’ve missed you. I drive to Silicon Valley for work and it is lovely (not the drive but the parks near my work) but boring. Soothing, but BORING! I miss city diversity and energy and food and fun and proximity to interesting people doing interesting things.

My office is close to Chinatown, so it is very fun to walk for two minutes and feel like I am in a completely different world (including the presence of tourists – we don’t get those in Silicon Valley, and I never thought I would miss them, but they somehow are a welcome part of the SF landscape because I’ve grown so used to them).

There are so many great colors in the city, which is not true in Silicon Valley. Things blend into things in Silicon Valley. Nothing stands out. No lanterns, flags flying, red or green metal work…things are tan, or grey. I drive through Atherton on my way home and people have giant walled multimillion dollar compounds and hide from the possibility of interaction. In Chinatown, it’s all happening right there, to watch and be a part of, and it is wonderful, and I love it.

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