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No Farting Please

No Farting Please by killah.poopface
No Farting Please, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

Many people know about Lucky Juju Pinball, the greatest place to play pinball on Earth. Or at least in the San Francisco Bay Area (but probably Earth). It is a game museum, so there are all kinds of old school pinball machines, and new ones, and other cool carnival-type games. As well as jukeboxes!

It is not for the super sensitive because it gets very loud with that many arcade games and jukeboxes under one roof. Also, as you may expect, going early means that many kids are playing the games, since, well, kids love games. Especially boy kids.

I would like to highlight the fact that young boys + music + many game machines and their noises is somewhat of an assault on the senses that can only be made worse by one thing: farts. And so I am very grateful to Lucky Juju for posting several signs banning farting in most areas.

Farting is permitted in the bathroom! And since you get a hand stamp when you enter, it is also easy to exit and fart to your heart’s content. I hope people follow this simple rule. I do believe that Lucky Juju is the only place of business I have ever seen post a sign requesting no farting and I applaud it’s efforts to make pinball heaven fart-free.


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