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fluffy blanket sky

fluffy blanket sky by killah.poopface
fluffy blanket sky, a photo by killah.poopface on Flickr.

o! i have not been updating this blog. a lot has been happening, and thanks to the fancy iphone, i have been having a lot of instagram fun – more photo fun than writing fun. anyway, october/november is such a great time for sky and sunrise and sunset glory in the San Francisco Bay Area. i miss these dramatically interesting and beautiful skies in (way less lovely) December. this photo was taken november 15, 2012. just a few weeks ago, but feels like eons.

i got to see this sky while driving to work on the 101, sitting in traffic for the great Hwy. 92 merge mess, which always means being stopped or slow for awhile. i mind waaaay less when i get to stop and stare at skies like this and feel extra-enveloped in beauty. the 101 is my far less beautiful (than 280) route to work, but more direct, so having great skies made it extra easy to satrt the day on the right foot. you know. coffee and clouds are a winning combination.


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